Nine Screens
buttonsThe Enigma, Voyager and Odyssey each feature 9 fully user-programmable screens. You can choose from our standard screens (the unit ships with 9 pre-designed screens) or you can use our PC-based editing software to design unique screens. Hundreds of highly configurable instruments and display items in various forms are available to choose from. From traditional analog gauge displays to bargraphs, digital readouts, horizons, HSIs, moving maps, etc. The choice is yours! And if you don’t want to get too involved, just keep the standard screens, or contact us to design a special screen for you, free of charge.

To select one of your 9 screens, simply press one of the buttons numbered 1 to 9 on the keypad, and your next screen is up!


Here are some examples of the standard screens that ship with the EFIS (you can choose 9), that show you what is possible:


Std screen with attitude as primary display - 3D terrain and airspeed and altitude tapes.

The same screen, but with moving map GPS in the central area.
Analog-style gauges for flight data and RPM and bargraphs for engine functions. Note that the info page at lower left of screen can be paged using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows - up to 6 pages!
Split screen with attitude at left and HSI on right. Note that HSI works when connected to nav receiver, or using our virtual GPS VOR/ILS (GVOR and GLS) navigation system.
Another style of split screen, with moving map top right. GPS Goto arrow is shown at bottom left with ETA, ETE, Ground Speed and Distance to waypoint in this example.
Full page moving map with terrain as background and airports and airspaces. Arrow in top tight corner indicates realtime wind speed and direction vector.
Rotorcraft screen with Rotor RPM and Engine RPM as primary display.
Rotorcraft screen with moving map in center. Terrain look-ahead is at lower left indicating a mountain ahead.
Full screen HSI page with CDI, Glideslope. Works when connected to suitable nav receiver OR with our GPS-based GVOR and GLS system.
Full page moving map with terrain look-ahead.
Vector base map showing cities, major roads, rivers, etc.

Another view...