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In 2009, partners and owners of The Airplane Factory in South Africa, flew their light-sport aircraft, The Sling, all the way around the world. This epic voyage included a 22 hour leg from Los Angeles directly to Hawaii on 1 (100 Gal) tank of gas!

Mike Blyth and James Pitman’s Sling was equipped with 2 MGL Avionics Voyager EFIS units.

They selected the Voyagers for the same reasons that any aircraft owner/builder would, but in their case had special use of the flexibility of the systems. Namely, they had to monitor 6 independent fuel tanks in their ‘extended range’ wings. And with their Voyagers, this was possible with 6 level senders and the extended inputs the system allows.

The Sling

James Pitman said:

“Some people have also expressed an interest in our instruments. Well, it's quite incredible, we mostly really only have two main instruments, called 'MGL Voyagers', which tell us just about everything we need to know, including how fast and in what direction we're flying, our flight attitude, altitude, ground clearance and whether we're ascending or descending, our heading and bearing as well as the track to the next waypoint and the distance and time to get there. Then they also tell us, all on the same screen, what the engine oil, cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures are, the fuel levels in our 6 tanks, the fuel flow and pressure, the oil pressure, battery voltage and alternator current, the ambient pressure and temperature, the time, how long the engine's been running and so on. It definitely does make our lives quite easy.”

EAA Video from Oshkosh 2009:

The Sling Cockpit:

The Cockpit of the Sling

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