Engine Monitoring System (EMS)

The Enigma/Voyager/Odyssey/XTreme offers comprehensive engine monitoring for any engine. All engine data is captured via our RDAC (Remote Data Acquisition Computer) that mounts near the engine (in front of or behind the firewall). This data acquisition computer then sends all sender data to the EFIS display via 1 serial cable. No wiring harness for engine senders required!

Example engine displays          Example engine displays

There are 3 RDAC models, depending on your need:

  • RDAC XF - All engine functions with 12-channels for thermocouples (CHT/EGT)
  • RDAC XF MAP - All engine functions with 12-channels for thermocouples and manifold pressure (MAP)
  • RDAC CAN 912iS - CAN RDAC for Rotax 912iS Engine

So, if you intend to monitor more than 2 cylinders each of CHT/EGT, you need either the XF (no manifold pressure) or the XF MAP (manifold pressure sensor onboard)..

Twin engine or extra sensor requirements? You can connect 2 RDACs to each EFIS (except the XTreme).



RDAC XF (12-channel thermocouples).
RDAC XF MAP same, with Manifold Pressure.

RDAC 912iS

Engine functions:

  • RPM
  • Hobbs
  • Maintenance Timers
  • CHT
  • EGT
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure (if not using NTC CHT inputs)
  • Water Temp (if required)
  • Carb Temp (if required)
  • Fuel level (1 or 2 with resistive senders)
  • Fuel flow (using turbine sensor or fuel injector signal)
  • Current sensor input (RDAC XF only)

alarm menuAlarms:

Whenever an engine parameter is exceeded an alarm will be initiated. The alarm can be setup to be any or all of the following:

  • On screen warning
  • Flashing Enigma alert light
  • External contact (panel warning light)
  • Voice alert (which you can record yourself using the Sounds program) (not available on XTreme)


RDAC Technical Details:

  • Four or twelve channel thermocouple amplifier, high resolution chopper stabilized system with full cold junction compensation and low voltage correction to laboratory standards.
  • The inputs can accept K-type or J-type thermocouples (selectable via provided menu functions)
  • Oil and Water temperature NTC input compatible with most oil temperature senders and the MGL water temperature sender.
  • Also accepts MGL precision semiconductor senders for water and oil temperature.
  • Universal rev counter input. Can be used on a wide variety of engines using a variety of interface methods.
  • Fuel flow sender input. Can be used with most commercial liquid flow senders. Calibration via provided menu functions. (Dual fuel flow inputs available on XF models)
  • Oil pressure sender input. Accepts most commercial oil pressure senders including those from VDO.
  • Fuel level sender input with extensive calibration functions provided to allow direct readout of fuel quantity corrected for tank shape and sender tolerances (accurate fuel volume, not level)
  • LM335 sensor based temperature sender to indicate ice warning. The sender is normally fitted to the outside of a carburetor, in close proximity to the throttle slider or valve or in the intake airflow.
  • The EMS included with the EFIS provides for a wide variety of engines and the display unit can be configured in many different ways to display the information required.


RDAC VD Installation Manual - Legacy (PDF)
RDAC XB/XD Installation Manual (Discontinued model - predecessor to XF) (PDF)
RDAC XF Installation Manual (PDF)
Lycoming Engine Sender Installation Guide (PDF)

XTreme engine display example:

Several example Enigma engine displays:



Odyssey engine display examples:


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