Application Program Features

  • 9 fully user-programmable screens using PC based editing software. Hundreds of highly configurable instruments and items in various forms from traditional analog dials to bargraphs, digital readouts, horizons, HSIs, moving maps, etc.
  • Voice prompts in addition to visual and external alarms. Voice prompts can be recorded by user on PC to support different languages. Weight and Balance calculator
  • GPS moving map, map viewing, terrain warning.
  • Engine monitoring using up to two RDAC units (dual engines or many channels).
  • Additional features: Checklists, any conceivable image.
  • Flight and Engine Recording facility for primary flight data, GPS positions, engine monitor.
  • Downloadable flight log using SD/MMC card.
  • Weight and balance calculator.
  • Open design with published data formats for map and terrain data.


Enigma Controls