Radio Navigation and GVOR / GLS
Example display with HSI
The Enigma/Voyager/Odyssey can interface with the Garmin SL30 Nav/Comm and display active and standby navigation on the screen with an HSI with Glideslope indicator. In this case the OBS knob on the SL30 is used to set OBS.

Alternatively, your MGL Avionics EFIS can ‘fake’ radio navigation using only its onboard GPS and database of VOR stations and ILS approaches. We call this GPS VOR (GVOR) and GPS ILS (GLS) navigation.

SHIFT copy 3 copy Hit Shift and then 3 (Nav) at any time to view nearest VOR stations to current position. Set OBS and select primary VOR station. HSI will be displayed with active and standby (primary and secondary) on selected page on your EFIS.


0 copy Hit the Zero key to access the list of Closest Airports. Select the airport you require to fly the GLS Approach to.

Runways with GLS approaches available have the letters GLS appended to runway information.

Select the runway and then activate GLS approach direct or via a configurable intercept point some distance from the runway.


Localizer and Glideslope displayed on sample Enigma Screen
(Outer Marker and Middle Marker sounds play through headset if connected)