Highway in the Sky

HITS boxes in 3D. On track and at correct altitude.

Left of track and low.
HITS boxes highway-in-the-sky

3D GLS Approach to runway. Right of track and above glide slope. 3D runway depiction.
GLS approach


The Enigma/Voyager/Odyssey features ‘floating box’ Highway-in-the-Sky (HITS) navigation. This option can be selected in the navigation menu, and you have the option of ignoring altitude (boxes automatically appear at your altitude).


HITS boxes will be activated any time you activate a Goto or Route.


3D GLS (GPS ILS) approaches are also achieved using HITS and a 3D runway depiction on the attitude page.

3D Synthetic

All MGL Avionics EFIS systems include 3D synthetic terrain, which can be enabled or disabled at will. You can even display 3D synthetic terrain without an attitude sensor installed (no attitude information is displayed), making this a great feature for those electing not to take the SP-4 attitude sensor.

Airports and runways are depicted on the terrain with airports and runway threshold labeled. Distances/times to airport are also shown.

Enigma implementation of synthetic terrain (wireframe):

3D synthetic terrain

Odyssey and Voyager implementation of synthetic terrain

You can select 3 options:


terrain checkerboard


terrain modulated


terrain textured