Enigma EFIS

The most flexible EFIS!

Note: All Enigmas now shipping are Enigma MkII’s with ultra-bright 1600 nit TFT screens and upgraded hardware!

The Enigma is a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed for Experimental and Light Sport aircraft. The Enigma is a hardware and software concept that promotes a flexible, powerful EFIS platform together with a software application system that is highly user-modifiable.

As an EFIS hardware platform, the Enigma provides state of the art multi-processor based processing utilizing components chosen for absolute robustness in radiation intense environments such as found at high altitudes. This is coupled with intense low power design methods to further maximize overall system application and reliability.

The large amount of flexibility built into the base system allows the adaptation of the Enigma to almost any mission and aircraft. Due to low system cost, Enigma is equally suited to very light aircraft, gliders and rotorcraft, while providing enough flexibility to be utilized by even twin-engine aircraft with full dual engine monitoring.


  • Weight: Under 3 lbs
  • Current Draw: Less than 1 Amp @ 12 Volts
  • Cost: Typical packages complete with attitude and heading sensors less than $4,300. Basic packages start at $2,660


  • Screen brightness (1600+ nits!)
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility (any screen layout you want!)
  • Feature count (more instrument options available than most EFISs)

Warranty: The Enigma comes with a 3-year limited Warranty from MGL Avionics US and a 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee