In/Out Extender Module

The In/Out Extender (or IOX) connects to the Airtalk port of the any MGL Avionics color EFIS (Odyssey, Voyager, Explorer, Enigma). It provides current sensing (Amps) as well as additional digital and analog inputs and outputs that are used in the folloIOX In/Out Extenderwing ways:

  • Connect additional senders such as flap and trim indicators to the IOX to display them on the EFIS
  • Switch annunciator panel lights with the IOX, triggered by alarm events on the EFIS
  • Connect a remote control (such as 4 buttons on a joystick) to the IOX and use them to control the EFIS with hands-on-throttle-and-stick.
  • Have the IOX automatically switch other devices when certain conditions exist.

Who needs the IOX?
If you don’t want to monitor current (Amps) and don’t need to display trim/flaps on the EFIS and if you don’t need a remote control or additional switching functionality, then you can skip the IOX. If you do need any of this functionality, then the IOX is for you!

Downloads for the IOX:
IOX Script Generator (Application)
The program is used to create and generate scripts for use with the I/O Extender. Scripts specify the functionality of the inputs and outputs.
IOX Manual (PDF)
The IOX Manual lays out the functionality and setup of the IOX.


Another Option for Amps...
Magnetic Current Sensor

Magnetic Current SensorThis sensor can be used to measure DC currents in aircraft power systems across a wide range - from less than 4A to as high as 120A depending on installation and configuration. The sensor connects to the MGL Avionics EFIS via spare RDAC inputs. Inputs CHT1, CHT2, Oil pressure or Oil Temperature can be used and these can also be used on a second RDAC unit (consider a low cost RDAC VD as a second RDAC if required). Odyssey and Voyager EFIS systems can support up to 4 of these sensors while the Enigma can support 2, and the XTreme can support 1. These sensors can measure currents bi-directionally, for example battery charge/discharge. A major advantage of these sensors is that they can be fitted to existing conductors very easily without needing to break the conductor or install a shunt.

Magnetic Current Sensor Manual (PDF)