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John Klatt Airshows - Jet Waco

When John Klatt Airshows decided to build a very special airshow machine by fitting a jet engine to a 1929 Waco biplane with a radial engine, they knew they needed very special avionics.

The MGL Avionics iEFIS is the only EFIS on the market that allows the user the customizability that is required when building such a unique aircraft.

      Says Dell Coller, builder and Crew Chief of the Jet Waco:

“The MGL iEFIS Challenger allows us to simultaneously monitor both the R985 Radial and the CJ610 Jet on the Jack Links Jet Waco.  The flexibility allowed us to design our own 100% custom screens, monitor all parameters on both engines and use all the existing sensors.  Additionally, we have found the black box feature to be especially useful; it records all flight and engine parameters to include all the basics, plus such detailed data as bank angle, G loading, GPS position and more.”

The Jack Links Jet Waco features an iEFIS Challenger 10.4”, iBox, dual RDACs (1 for each engine) and an MGL V6 Com radio for communications.



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