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John Fellenzer - Giles G-200

John Fellenzer had an existing analog panel in his fully aerobatic Giles G-200 airplane, but wanted to reduce weight, add more engine monitoring and an emergency attitude indicator. He selected the XTreme mini EFIS, and was able to throw a lot of the old instruments out, and consolidate into a full-color package with a lot of punch.

“Everything has worked flawlessly.  The attitude indicator keeps up with the pitch and roll rates very well and the airspeed indicators are perfectly matched - without calibration.  No issues in Acro flight either.”
~ John Fellenzer
John Fellenzer

Dear MGL,

Just a quick note to thank you and congratulate you on a fine product.  After reviewing the many available alternative systems, I settled in on the MGL Avionics XTreme EFIS. 
Knowing nothing about MGL Avionics, I was a little skeptical.  However, I was impressed with the industry leading 3 year warranty on both your new and existing products.  Additionally, the XTreme allowed the best retrofit design and behind the panel space out of all the brands available. 
An additional goal was to reduce weight while increasing engine information available along with the inclusion of an attitude indicator for emergency purposes.
The EFIS works perfectly, the RDAC simplified the wiring and the combination Airspeed and Altimeter is perfect. 
Moreover, your immediate availability and patience in answering my questions and helping me throughout the process was invaluable!
I have attached some pictures, unfortunately they do not do justice to the readability and usability of the product.  As you can see I was also able to consolidate a lot of gauges into your simple package. 
Sincerely, John Fellenzer

G-200 Panel BEFORE:


G-200 Panel AFTER:


XTreme PFD Page:

XTreme flight page

XTreme Engine Page:

XTreme engine page

Pitts / G-200 Formation - that’s what its all about!

Pitts and G-200 formation