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Kevin Eldredge - Relentless NXT

Kevin Eldredge owns and flies Relentless NXT, one of the fastest Super Sport racing airplanes that easily exceeds 400 mph in air races.

Relentless copy1

Kevin selected the Voyager EFIS for his airplane, because the flexibility of the MGL Avionics EFIS allows him to display non-standard engine items (like induction air temp and TBE) and it allows him to display the information in a format that suits him. Using the MGL Avionics Screen Designer he can place any items he needs on the screen in whatever format he likes, which is great for the quick reference required in air racing. “If you look down for too long, you die”. Also, using the external video input, he can view video from a taxi/approach cam right on his EFIS, to see ‘through’ the large cowling of the NXT. And, to further suit his requirements, the onboard flight data recorder allows him to analyze all flight and engine data after the flight.


Kevin Eldredge’s custom racing page for Reno 2010:

Primary Flight and Engine Page:

Kevin Eldredge Relentless EFIS Screen

Split Screen with Moving Map:

Kevin Eldredge Relentless EFIS Screen

The External Taxi/Approach Cam displayed on the EFIS of Relentless NXT, behind the AHRS display:

External video

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