Moving Map GPS Navigator

The Enigma/Voyager/Odyssey features a 16-channel WAAS-capable GPS receiver, with a host of moving map navigation features. All GPS databases are from freely available sources, and are editable by the user where applicable. Jeppesen NavData is also available worldwide as a subscription service.


Get Navidata updates here

The following map layers are available for display on the Enigma:

  1. Airports/Navaids/Airspace database
    From free sources (such as the FAA) or from Jeppesen. Includes runway information and frequency information. Entire world.
  2. Terrain
    In GTOPO format - freely available.
  3. World Vector Basemap
    Major roads, rivers, borders, cities and towns for the entire world.
  4. Raster
    Any scanned image (or digital Sectional file) can be used after processing with our Map Maker software.

All of these layers (except raster) are shipped installed with each EFIS.

Major Functions:

GotoGoto Function activates basic Gotos from list of Nearest Airports as well as from searches for airport identifier or name.


ROUTERoute function allows you to activate routes from SD card (created in our Flight Planner software) or routes created directly on the EFIS.


0Airport Information. Click ZERO at any time to bring up nearest airports detailed information including runways, frequencies, etc.


IMSAirspace awareness (Information Management System (IMS)). Click SHIFT and then 6 (IMS) to bring up details of airspace.


Odyssey Moving Map