Order Radios and Headsets

Radios and Controllers from MGL Avionics

Qty: V16 Remote VHF Aviation COM Transceiver - 10W (manual), $750

Qty: Razor 3 1/8” Touchscreen Controller* (manual), $395

Qty: Vega 2 1/4” Controller* (manual), $245


*Note: Controller required unless intending to operate radio directly from MGL Avionics iEFIS or third party controller

Harnesses for V16 and Razor/Vega


Harness Schematics (2-place and Single-Place): Click Here


Coax Cable

Qty: Terminated Coax Cable for V16 Coma (1 SMA and 1 BNC)

 Radio Antennas

Qty: DPA Red Tail Straight Airband Whip Antenna, non-TSO, $125


Qty: DPA Red Tail Bent Airband Whip Antenna, non-TSO, $135



Qty: MGL-880 Headset, $125

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