Order Radios and Headsets

Radios - V6 and V10 from SW Avionics

Qty: V6 VHF Aviation Transceiver, $1,195


Harnesses for V6


Harness Schematics: Std 2-place, Single-Place, 4-Place


Harnesses for Discontinued V10


Harness Schematics: Std 2-place, Single-Place, 4-Place, Dual V10 Radios

Coax Cable

Qty: High quality pre-made RG-400 coaxial antenna cable kits

Note: Coaxial antenna cables are complete, with 2 BNC connectors installed and crimped, except the 20 foot length, which has only 1 end terminated and the 2nd BNC supplied loose. Picture here.

 Radio Antennas

Qty: DPA Red Tail Straight Airband Whip Antenna, non-TSO, $125


Qty: DPA Red Tail Bent Airband Whip Antenna, non-TSO, $135


Transponder Antennas

Qty: DPA Transponder Antenna, streamlined, non-TSO, $69



Qty: MGL-880 Headset, $125

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