Database Updates - Worldwide

PocketFMS is a flight planner and moving map software package that features a worldwide aviation database. And, you can also export the MGL ‘Navidata.ewd’ file format directly from the flight planner to use with your MGL Avionics EFIS. Great for Canada and great for the rest of the world!

And, new for 2013, you can get a subscription for just the worldwide Navidata file. Just one file to download for the whole world - no flight planner download required! And, you can download this file free for use with an MGL Avionics simulator to test fly the data before buying a subscription.

Get PocketFMS here (an affordable annual subscription is required to keep it updated):
USA, Canada and Worldwide
(PocketFMS includes more of the smaller airfields in Canada than other sources)

United States Canada and Worldwide

Download the Navidata.ewd file directly above or if you download the PocketFMS Flight Planner, then simply Download AeroData within PocketFMS and then click File > EFIS AeroData Export > MGL Data Export and it will export the Navidata.ewd file

Odyssey/Voyager/iEFIS: This file should be installed under Installation Tasks.
Note: Does not work with Enigma or XTreme EFIS