MGL Avionics Pilot Stories...
Ron Simard - NXT

Ron Simard was the first person to put an MGL Avionics Voyager in an NXT. He selected the EFIS in part because it was one of the only units he could find that would monitor his 8-cylinder Lycoming 720 turbo-charged engine with ease. And because he could use a taxi/approach cam, and have all flight and engine information recorded for analysis of this very exciting and one-of-a-kind project!
Ron Simard's NXT

Video showing first test flights in Panama:


Flight data from the ‘black box’ Flight Data Recorder included with each MGL Avionics color EFIS:


One of Ron’s screen layouts - 8-cylinders and TIT, TBI, TAI, TBE monitoring possible:

Ron Simard Screen