MGL Avionics Pilot Stories...
Scott Sims - Dynamic WT-9

Scott Sims flies a fast Dynamic WT-9 in Hawaii and installed an MGL Avionics Enigma in his airplane. He sent us this great letter and spectacular photographs...

“As for you and your service it’s been nothing short of spectacular.”
~ Scott Sims

Dear Matthew,

I just want to thank you for all your efforts in helping me get my airplane up to speed with the Enigma glass cockpit.  It’s really amazing what it does.  I now have it connected up to a TruTrak autopilot and it works perfectly.  The Enigma screen is big and clear.  The amount of information presented is nothing short of miraculous.  I honestly can’t think of anything else I would want it to do.  I’ve taken a number high hour pilots (I have several airline pilot friends) up for rides in my Dynamic WT-9.  They love the plane and always comment on the Enigma.  I know I don’t use all the functions yet, but love it so far.  As for you and your service it’s been nothing short of spectacular.  You have been there to answer the phone and help me out every time I needed it.  If everyone did customer service the way you do there would never be a need for complaint departments.  Great work and a great instrument.



Scott Sims, DVM

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