Simulator and Designer
Enigma features a full-featured simulator that allows you to simulate just about all of the functions of the Enigma on your PC. Also, the simulator is used to design screen layouts if you so desire...

         Download latest version of Enigma Simulator here.

Enigma Simulator

How do you get the map functions to work on the simulator?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to this page and download all the files shown on the SD card to a folder on your desktop:
  2. Then, copy and paste all the files in that folder into the MMC folder at:
    C:\Program Files\Enigma tools\Enigma SIM\MMC\
  3. And, copy and paste NAVIDATA.ewd to this folder as well:
    C:\Program Files\Enigma tools\Enigma SIM\YOUR PROJECT\Flash\
  4. Then, start Enigma sim. Go to a map page. Click SHIFT and then 5 [Map] and make sure the first option is set to VECTOR mode.
  5. Then, click Sensor Simulation and then SHOW GPS. Then, type in your co-ordinates (only change what is BEFORE the degrees symbol) and click GPS position valid.

You should see the map!