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Sonex Onex

Onex Test FlightsMGL Avionics and Sonex Aircraft have always had a special relationship. And you need only look at their Completions Gallery to see just how many Sonex builders select MGL Avionics.

So, when Sonex began testing their new folding-wing “Onex” design, we were gratified that they selected the XTreme mini-EFIS for their panel. Actually, their panel includes 3 generations of MGL Avionics products, going all the way back to the Smart Singles of years ago!

Jeremy Monnet, CEO of Sonex, said the following:

Sonex Aircraft designed, built and recently flew the new Onex Single-place, Folding Wing, Fully Aerobatic Sport Aircraft. The Onex will continue in the tradition of the Sonex Sport Aircraft line by offering the best performance per dollar in the industry with the best plans in the business.

The design team selected the MGL Avionics XTreme and MGL V10 Radio for the cockpit of the Onex for a number of reasons. The Sonex philosophy has always been to minimize the size of the instrument panel to keep visibility high and keep weight down. The XTreme is an excellent fit to this philosophy given its slim, bright color display that has all the information we care about as pilots and then some. The price is also right giving us more utility for a low price and allowing for a simple and clean installation.

Onex              Onex with folded wings

The Sonex Aircraft Flight Test Team has really appreciated another great feature of the XTreme instrument, and that's the Flight Data Logging capability - straight to the SD Card. All the data for our first series of flights was captured on this SD Card and easily exported and analyzed on spreadsheets.

These spreadsheets were then used by the team to compare to our expected performance and to build the continuing flight test plan.  An impressive flight path visual was created using the every-1-second GPS position data.

These features are extremely valuable and save hours and hours of time to build the actual flight envelope of a brand new design.”

Video from Sonex Onex First Flights:

Sonex Onex prototype panel with 3 generations of MGL Avionics:

Onex Panel

Google Earth flight data exported from the XTreme flight data recorder from their first test flights:


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