Collision Avoidance
Zaon XRX

The Odyssey, Voyager and Enigma can monitor traffic from several sources via the RS-232 or ARINC 429 (Odyssey/Voyager only) interfaces, and will display traffic on the moving map page. Relative altitude is shown as well as the intruder’s ground track in certain cases.

The following systems are supported:

Zaon XRX
The Zaon PCAS (Portable Collision Avoidance System) is a popular portable traffic information system that can be used anywhere in the world and will track 3 intruders at a time using the other aircraft’s transponder replies.

Mode-S Transponder - TIS (Traffic Information Service) (Odyssey/Voyager only)
The TIS system operates only in certain areas in the United States and requires a Mode-S Transponder such as the Garmin GTX330. More info here on TIS-issues, and coverage map is here.

TCAS is an active transponder-interrogation system.

European GPS-based system

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