XTreme - Sandia STX 165R Remote Mode-C transponder Interface

Sandia STX 165R Remote Mode-C TransponderThe XTreme EFIS’s powerhouse functionality is further extended through the Sandia Aerospace STX 165R Remote Mode-C transponder. Through just 2 wires, the XTreme EFIS sends encoded altitude to the STX 165R, displays status, controls its mode (OFF/STBY/ON/ALT), adjusts Squawk and Idents.

For recreational Part 91 flight in the US, mode-C meets the transponder requirements of the FAR’s, and this unit allows you to remove the transponder from the panel, mount it closer to its antenna, all while saving money and lowering current consumption.

Since most recreational pilots spend most of the time flying VFR and squawking 1200, or at most setting squawk once during flight, it makes sense to clean up the panel and mount the transponder away from other sensitive avionics.

    Low weight - only 1.16 lbs
    Low consumption - only 200 mA
    Power output - 200 Watts
    Altitude - 1,000’ to 50,000’
    Dimensions - 3.5"H x 1.8"W x 6.9"L

To control the Sandia Mode-C transponder, simply press the knob in once and select the Transponder function. Transponder Mode and Squawk are displayed on the screen on the left side at all times.

XTreme Sandia Transponder Control

Once the Transponder function is selected, you can Squawk, select your preset VFR code, change modes, and Ident:

XTreme Sandia Transponder Squawk

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