Voice Alerts and Copilot Mode
“Airspace Ahead!”

Alarm Menu

EGT Alarm Options

Available Sounds to Select From

The Enigma/Voyager/Odyssey has a built-in voice alert system. In the alarm setup you can choose On-screen alerts, EFIS onboard warning light, External Alarm Lamp Switch and Sound (Voice Alert) for each of the available alarm events. The EFIS ships with a full sound library for all the warning phrases, and an easy-to-use application that allows you to record the warning phrases in your own voice, if required.

Enigma Sound

Copilot Mode
Enigmas ‘Copilot Mode’ allows you to setup the EFIS to call out airspeeds whenever you get below a predetermined airspeed. You can select the time interval for these airspeed callouts.

Copilot Mode allows the pilot to keep his/her eyes outside the cockpit on landing and still keep a good awareness of airspeed.

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