Electronic Circuit Breaker System
VP-X Integration

VP-XThe XTreme has support for the Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System.

What does the VP-X do?

The VP-X replaces old-style circuit breakers in the panel with an intelligent patented Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) system. Except, with the VP-X, if you have a circuit fault, the MGL Avionics EFIS alarm system will alert the pilot of the problem, and you will get an on-screen alarm with a precise reason for the fault (for example, short circuit or open circuit). And, you can reset the fault from the EFIS if necessary. The EFIS will also display current draw (Amps) of each device on the screen to help you manage electrical load.
XTreme VP-X

XTreme Display of VP-X Circuits, including State and Current Draw of each device.

Devices are still turned on an off with switches in the instrument panel, however, current does not flow through the switches to the devices, so you don’t have a ‘hot’ panel with lots of wiring and busses. Wiring is greatly simplified since each device gets a hot lead from the VP-X and then each switch gets a separate lead. The software setup of the VP-X assigns which switch turns on which device.

The VP-X has a host of intelligent functions, and can control trim, flaps and landing lights. A complete detail of the functions is available at the Vertical Power web site.

Purchase VP-X?

You can purchase the VP-X from MGL Avionics by clicking here.