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Walt Snyder

Walt Snyder has probably flown his Quicksilver Sport 2S open-air sportplane to more places than just about anyone has in such a light aircraft. He has accumulated over 30,000 miles, and landed at more than 300 airports while making 4 long trips all around America from his home base in California. West Coast to East Coast and back, several times. LA to NY to LA. You get the picture.

“Every flight instrument and engine instrument you could possibly want was now in my lap in the Enigma, easy to read, and easy to reach and use.”
~ Walt Snyder

Walt made a special retractable pod that houses an Enigma EFIS - total situational awareness that can be folded away and removed when leaving the aircraft in unsafe locations.

Walt Snyder’s ‘office’, cross-country at 55 mph:
Walt Snyder's glass cockpit

Coastal Flying At the Controls

Endless Flatlands Following the Interstate

Video with collection of photographs from Walt’s adventures: